Ocean Audio in-line ARK 24ch Console, custom hand-build by Malcom Toft
with 70ch on the mix
Solid State Logic Alpha Link MADI48 ADDA converters
Protools Ultimate Flex, Logic X, Studio One, Harrison Mix buss system with 48 I/O

Focal SM9 Midfield monitors
Yamaha NS10 Nearfield monitors
8x 16 ch. personal monitoring foldback system

8x Discrete Mic pre amp Soundskulptor 573 (neve) series 500
8x Discrete Mic pre amp Silent Arts 560 (Neumann)
2x Discrete Mic pre amp Soundskulptor 512 (API)
2x Discrete Mic pre amp Classic API6x AML Hand Build preamps
2x Inductor EQ Soundskulptor 573
4x Midas series 500 Preamps
1x buss compressor IGS S-Type
1x Wes Audio Dione buss Comp
1x Opto Compressor IGS
1x MS matrix IGS
2x UA 1176 Compressor Limiter
3x DBX 165A
2x Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X british mode
Summit Audio 100A Mic pre/comp
Heritage Audio Brit strip
TL Audio 5021 valve comp
Neve 5012 Mic Pre (2)
Aphex Type II
Focusrite Voice chanel
Line 6 Pod Pro
Lexicon MPX400
TC electronic d-two
Yamaha rev 500

2x Neumann U87
1x Neumann U67
2x Custom build C-12 tube mic
2x SE Electronics 3300
4x Sonolux small diafragm
2x Neumann 184
2x Microtech Gefell M300
2x Telefunken M-60
2x AKG C-1000
1x RCA78 Ribbon Mic
2x Coles 4038
2x Arthur Fisher ribbon Mic
1x Stereo Blumlein Ortiz boutique ribbon Mic
2x Sonotronics Delta Ribbon Mic
1x EV RE20
1x EV ND408D
1x Shure Beta 52
1x AKG D112
1x AKG D12
3x Shure SM58
8x Shure SM57
6x Shenheiser MD421
1x Shenheiser 441
1x Avalon DI U5
6x transformer passive DI BOX
1x DI Countryman
2x DI Palmer active DI

upright piano
Yamaha Grand piano G5
Fender twin reverb 74′ (currently out of order)
Fender The Twin
Roland Jazzchorus 55
Marshall JCM2000
Ludwing Date Club 65′ 20″Bass drum
Ludwing Date Club 65′ 18″Floor Tom
Premiere 14″ Snare drum 73′